All Systems operational.



2017-04-04 16:11:18 resolved API Website
Database latency

We are experiencing some API latency during a database upgrade. We are closely monitoring the situation and attempting to improve query performance.

Update 2017-04-04 16:32:28
We've made some updates to our database infrastructure to reduce latency. We are monitoring for any further issues.

2017-03-07 20:44:49 resolved API
API response latency

We're investigating API query latency due to high request volume. We will continue to update the status page as we get more information.

Update 2017-03-07 21:17:02
API responses are back to normal levels and we are closely monitoring for any latency. Please contact SimplyRETS support if you have further issues.

2017-03-01 21:50:49 resolved API
Geocoder latency

Our geocoder is falling behind due to increased system latency. We are working on resolving the issue and will continue to post updates.

Update 2017-03-02 00:32:28
Geocoder latency is back to normal levels. We will continue to monitor the situation.

2017-02-28 21:22:55 resolved API Website
Increased latency on API and photo downloads

Due to intermittent problems with one of our service providers, we are experiencing increased database latency. Photo downloads are also taking longer than expected. We are closely monitoring the issue and will continue to post updates.

Update 2017-02-28 22:22:30
Our external service provider has fixed the issue. The API is back to normal operation and we are monitoring our services for any further changes.